Artisanal foie gras, regional products, delicatessen, gourmet gifts produce in south west of France near Perigord
Made in France
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Readymade dishes gourmet "terrine"

Traditional and modern dishes from the southwest of France

 Everything good in the duck : legs, gizzard, breast, foie gras, neck, wings, etc.

In our cannery located in Objat, we make prepared dishes, pâtés and rillettes. The duck and goose meats used to prepare your preserves and cook your traditional recipes from Périgord and Nouvelle-Aquitaine

On our website, select the emblematics meals from South-West such as cassoulet, stuffed cabbage, paupiettes, pork filet from Limousin.

Our original pâtés and rillettes are made with exquisite flavors from Corrèze : prunes, Armagnac, boar, chestnuts, gentian and ceps.

Would you prefer the smoked whole or sliced duck breast?

To accompany your meats such as duck and beef, we suggest the Périgueux sauce. It will be delicious.


The cooked dishes by La Combe de Job : everything is homemade and handmade ! 

Expert hands prepare all the cooked dishes from la Combe de Job.

Some of our employees work in our company for forty years. It means that our cooked dishes are well-mastered and our know-how is recognised

Our products are made in the purest tradition of local gastronomy : we slice with a knif all the meats (ducks, goose and pork) from France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, to respect each recipe.

The cooked dishes and the sauces are made with fresh products. In La Combe de Job, we do not stock the raw materials ! Our handicraft method is simple, each day we make a cooked dish, a pâté or a kind of rillettes

The duck confit : a flagship product by la Combe de Job

The duck confit in preserve! Yummy! Bronze medalists of the Concours des Saveurs Régionales in Nouvelle-Aquitaine in 2017, the duck confit is a French terroir product.

In our cannery, we place the duck legs into salt the previous day, cooked in cauldron, then placed in hot fat. The duck confit is conditioned under vaccum or in preserve by 2, 4 or 6 legs. 

To accompany your duck legs confit, roast potatoes in hot duck fat, add garlic, parsley and pepper. Enjoy with your family and friends.

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