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Preserved pork filet recipe from limousin

Preserved pork filet recipe from Limousin
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Enjoy our delicious anchaud du Limousin!
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The confit of pork in jelly is a typical and an old specialty.

The anchaud du Limousin is a chosen piece of pork loin seasonned with thyme and laurel, simmer in a delicious jelly, placed in a jar and sterilized.

Ingredients : Pork loin of Limousin (origin France), salt, pepper, spices, thyme, laurel, gelatin.

Nutritional values for 100g : Energy : 635kj/151kcal, fats : 6.5g including saturated fatty acids : 2.3g, carbohydrates: 0g including sugars : 0g, proteins : 23g, salt : 2g.

Conditioning : Jar 360g or 720g.

Storage : keep refrigerated and consume within 2 days after opening.

Tasting advices :
Served cold : put the jar into the fridge. Turn out, slice and serve with a salad or roasted potatoes.

Served hot : heat in a frying pan and serve with green vegetables or potatoes cooked with garlic.

Wine suggestion : you may serve it with a red wine like Cahors 

La Combe De Job
M ALEPEE du var - 23/01/2015
Delicieux à peine reçu je n ai pas pu résister à ouvrir un bocal, je vous recommande ce produit


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