Artisanal foie gras, regional products, delicatessen, gourmet gifts produce in south west of France near Perigord
Made in France
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Foie gras Accompaniments

Duck foie gras, block foie gras

Goose foie gras

Duck foie gras without salt

Accompaniments for foie gras

Sophisticated starters

Aperitif meals

Gastronomic foie gras specialities

Readymade dishes Gourmet "terrine"

Duck breast, gizzard, fat, sauce

Duck confits Goose confits

Traditional or inventive readymade dishes

Traditional pâtés and rillettes


Condiments, Spices

Mushrooms, truffles from Perigord

Rice, pasta, cereals

Sweet delicacies

Wine Champagne Beer


French beers, cider

French wine, spirits

Lemonade, fruit juices

Corporate presents Gifts

Gourmet gifts with wine

Gourmet gifts without wine



La Combe de Job

Gift boxes, companies and CE.

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