Artisanal foie gras, regional products, delicatessen, gourmet gifts produce in south west of France near Perigord
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Sophisticated starters

French specialities to realise an home-made aperitif. Specialities for gourmet starters.

The aperitive dinner is a nice way to enjoy the products from La Combe de Job.

The range of spreadable made with foie gras, the famous Toasts Gaillards will surprise your guests. It contains 65% of foie gras and have no artificial flavours. We created seven different recipes with : Espelette pepper, nature, chestnuts, truffles, Sichuan pepper, ceps and figs.

We select delicatessen products : organic green olives from Favols, sturgeon rillettes with herbs from Caviar de Neuvic, the wanuts tapenade by Joël Larribe or the spreadable of grilled red peppers from Favols, etc.

For an aperitif or a gourmet starter, enjoy our correzian specialities based on foie gras : stuffed goose and duck neck, stuffed duck breast with foie gras called the flûteau, stuffed quail, figs stuffed with foie gras, chestnuts and potimaron velouté.

A short story of the aperitif

During the eighteenth century, in France, the aperitif was associated with idea of well-being and considered as medecine. For this reason, the first aperitive drinks are made from plants collected in the mountains such as absinthe, anise or gentian, etc.

At that time, the aperitif has a strong and bitter taste. During the nineteenth century, the aperitif softens because of the rise of sugar and the cocktail develops. Then it becomes a moment of conviviality and sharing in society.

It is a matter of getting together with a drink before the meal. The peanuts will join the aperitif to embellish it in the middle of twentieth century.

In recnet years, the aperitif is extended and transformed into a dinner aperitif. That is why La Combe de Job innovates and adapts its creations and gourmet recipes for aperitifs.

The aperitif dinner, a real gourmet moment with the products la Combe de Job.

The concept of dinner aperitif attracks more and more people. The principle is simple : you share a gourmet moment, it requitres a short preparation and may be easily improvised.

Cocktails, wines, beers or softs drinks are accompanied by sweet or salty appetizers.


Here is an assortment of our products for a successful dinner aperitif

 ● Range of beers from Corrèze, white, brown, or amber beers;

● Dry white wine from Saint-Joseph de Chavanay; 

● Natural foie gras Toasts and raspberry perls ; 

● A jar of spreadable with foie gras (80g) allows you to prepare between 15 à 20 toasts.

● Potimaron and chestnuts velouté with foie gras ; 

● Sturgeon rillettes with truffles ; 

● Stuffed figs with foie gras, to enjoy chilled, sliced into 4 pieces;

● Slices of smoked duck breast; 

● Honey, nuts and caramel cakes 

● Raspberry meringue. 


La Combe de Job simplifies your life and offers you original aperitif dinner boxes.

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