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Whole duck foie gras

Whole duck foie gras
Timut pepper whole duck foie gras : the new combination between France and Nepal!
Net Weight
90 g
14.85 €
Price per kilo : 165.00 €
Send to Metropolitan France : 9.30 €.
from 180 € d'achat.
Passionate about peppers and spices, la Combe de Job has created for its 40th birthday a Timut pepper whole duck foie gras.
Our new foie gras was rewarded in october 2019 at the show called Concours des Saveurs de Nouvelle Aquitaine.

ur Timut pepper whole duck foie gras won over a magazine dedicated to catering professionals, l'Auvergnat à Paris.

Where does the Timut pepper grow?
It grows in South West of Nepal and is picked from october and novembre. It is part of Sichan pepper family.

What are Timut pepper characteristics?
It is a surprising pepper with sweet and warm citrus touch (blood orange and pink grapefruit).

Ingredients : whole duck foie gras (Origin France), salt, nitrite salt, Timut pepper (0.6%).

Nutrional values for 100g : energy : 2252kj/547kcal, fats : 57g including saturated fatty acids : 23g, carbohydrates : 1g including sugars : 0.5g, proteins : 7.4g, salt :1.6g.

Conditioning : jar of 90g. (If you travel, the product is authorized in cabin because less than 100g).

Storage : keep in the fridge after opening and consume within 2 days.

Tasting advices : place the jar into the fridge, unmould at the last minute and served chilled (6°C to 8°C). You may eat the foie gras as an appetizer or a starter.
La Combe De Job
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