Artisanal foie gras, regional products, delicatessen, gourmet gifts produce in south west of France near Perigord
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Stuffed duck neck with foie gras and pistachio

Stuffed duck neck with foie gras and pistachio
Duck neck stuffed with duck foie gras.
Net Weight
300 g
14.75 €
Price per kilo : 49.17 €
Send to Metropolitan France : 9.30 €.
from 180 € d'achat.
In Community Europe : Depends on weight and country (UE).
The stuffed duck neck with foie gras and pistachios is part of local gastronomic heritage. The duck skin is stuffed with meat and pieces of whole duck foie gras and pistachios.

How to eat a duck neck stuffed with foie gras?  You may serve it as a starter chilled and sliced with a salad.

Enjoy our goose neck stuffed with goose foie gras

Ingredients :
Duck meat and neck skin (origin France), pork meat and fat (origin France), duck foie fras (15% origin France), eggs, pistachio (3%), Armagnac, salt, gelatin, pepper, spices.

Nutritional values for 100g : Energy : 1429kj/345kcal, fats: 31g including saturated fatty acids : 10g, carbohydrates: 0.6g including sugars : 0g, proteins : 16g, salt : 1.3g.

Storage : keep refrigerated and consume within 2 days after opening.

Tasting advices : To turn on, open both sides, push and slice. Eat chilled with salad.
You may prepare a gourmet plate with : half-cooked duck foie gras, half fig stuffed with foie gras, a slice of duck neck stuffed with foie gras. You may serve with onion chutney.

Servings : 50g per guest
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