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Violet mustard from brive

Violet mustard from Brive
Net Weight
200 g
4.20 €
Price per kilo : 21.00 €
Send to Metropolitan France : 9.30 €.
from 180 € d'achat.
In the XIV century, Pope Clement VI, a great gourmet,remembered that this very exclusive mustard was produced in Brive area and he summoned the mustard maker Messire Jaubertie to join him in Avignon.
He was successful he was nominated “the master mustard maker to the Pope.
This traditional speciality from Brive was made by Elie Denoix.
Denoix have saved this “fairy in a violet dress”from oblivion and underline it is prepared with noble grapermust, red wine and a palette of harmonious spices.
It is totally free of any additives or coulours.
Gentle and spicy, it enrichies many types of dishes.
Serving suggestions  : 
  – To accompany cold meat or fish, stewed beef, salt pork, blood sausages.

– To deglaze after cooked pork meat, duck magret, salmon or tuna and adding some fluid fresh cream.

– In any marinade.

– When coating with breadcrumbs or flour replace the eggs with some “Moutarde Violette de Brive” (cook gently).

– To add some secret flavour to vinaigrettes or mayon- naises with avocados, asparagus, chicory and tomatoes.

Maison Denoix Brive
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